OLD – Lifecycle Analysis

The Fluid Lifecycle Analysis is the core of our relationship with our customers.

We analyze each step the fluid takes in its flow through a manufacturing facility to find areas of waste and inefficiency. Then we recommend changes that will result in significant savings.

Below are key areas to address:

  • Mix – how are you mixing now? Is it up to each operator to determine the ratio? If you have a mixing system, is it capable of producing the same mix all the time?
  • Central Mix – Are you moving fluid to the machines without someone having to transport the fluid and, therefore, turning the machine off?
  • Fluid Selection – Does your current fluid have enough capability to make all your parts at a reasonable ratio or would a more capable fluid at a lighter ratio be better? Are you having issues downstream that could be solved with a different fluid?
  • Fluid Application Systems – How are you applying your fluid now? Do you have excess on the parts, machine, and floor?
  • Reclamation System – If you cannot apply it efficiently is there enough waste to reclaim your fluid?
  • Fluid Management – Do you have a process in place to be continually looking for fluid waste?
  • Training – Does your continuous improvement training include your fluid reduction process?

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