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Fortech Products is a premier supplier of high-performance metalworking fluids for the automotive stamping industry and beyond. Founded in 1995, the company has grown through acquisition and innovation to become a leading lubricant provider for metal fabricators.

With approvals from major automotive manufacturers, Fortech's fluids meet the rigorous demands of the auto industry. Their product line ensures excellent cooling, friction reduction, and rust prevention – even in the most challenging stamping applications.

Stamping Fluids: Optimized for Automotive Standards

Fortech's stamping fluids are optimized to meet automotive industry approvals and performance requirements. Their drawing compounds provide the cleanliness, lubricity, and versatility needed for applications like body-in-white stamping.

Top automotive stamping fluid products include:

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    TechDraw FT 400 - Drawing compound for clean surfaces

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    TechKool FT 403 - Heavy-duty fluid for ferrous metals

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    TechDraw FT 406 - Heavy-duty drawing and fine-blanking fluid

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    TechDraw FT 500 - Non-chlorinated compound for severe forming

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    TechDraw FT 900 - Synthetic fluid for demanding stamping


Machining and Grinding Coolants

In addition to automotive stamping fluids, Fortech offers a range of cooling and lubricating fluids for machining and grinding applications. Their robust formulas improve surface finish, extend tool life, and prevent corrosion.

Leading machining and grinding products include:

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    TechCool SYNTHETIC GRIND - Synthetic fluid for grinding applications

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    TechCool SEMI-SYNTHETIC TAP - Versatile tapping and machining fluid

Commitment to Waste Reduction and Service

Partnering with Impact Fluids, Fortech is committed to helping manufacturers reduce fluid usage, improve fluid management, and eliminate waste. With Fortech's high-performance fluids and Impact's waste reduction solutions, customers get the products and services needed to drive efficiency.


Drive Sustainability with Fortech and Impact Fluids' Automotive Stamping Solutions