Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking fluids are a critical component of successful metal forming and cutting operations. Although often considered a lower priority than materials, tooling, labor, and equipment, fluids now make up over 10% of the total cost of finished metal parts.

In addition to the initial fluid purchase price, there are many hidden costs, such as waste removal, machine cleaning downtime, part cleaning, and more. Proper fluid selection and management can minimize these expenses.

At Impact Fluids, we provide a wide range of top-quality metalworking fluids designed to optimize machining, stamping, grinding, and other processes. Our premium products deliver exceptional cooling, lubrication, corrosion prevention, and sustainability.

Fluids engineered for your specific application and materials can extend tool life, improve surface finish, prevent rejects, and enable greater fluid dilution – keeping your overall costs low. Our fluid suppliers meet the high standards we demand to maximize customer ROI and waste reduction.

We offer advanced formulas from three major fluid brands:

Curtis supplies advanced synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids, soluble oils, straight-cutting oils, cleaners, and more. Their formulations provide exceptional cooling, lubrication, and corrosion resistance for superior finishes and tool life. Products are customized for specific materials and applications like aluminum machining, stainless steel stamping, titanium grinding, and carbon steel cutting.

Fortech manufactures specialized stamping and machining fluids including soaps, synthetics, semi-synthetics, and straight oils. Their robust product line boasts approvals from most automotive manufacturing companies and ensures superb cooling, friction reduction, and rust prevention. Fortech fluids improve quality and lower operating costs even in demanding automotive stamping applications.

Hangsterfer develops innovative synthetics, semi-synthetics, soluble oils, lubricants, drawing compounds, and cleaners for superior machining, grinding, and forming performance. Their fluids significantly improve surface finish and extend tool life when working with aluminum, steel, titanium, and other metals. Custom formulations maximize fluid life and minimize waste.

Trust Impact Fluids for high-quality metalworking fluids engineered for your specific production needs. Contact us today to discuss optimizing your machining productivity.