What We Do: Your Partner for Fluid Optimization

At Impact Fluids, we take a comprehensive approach to fluid management and sustainability. If you are like most manufacturing environments, you’ve been buying hundreds or thousands of gallons of lubricants, coolants, and cleaners to run your shop every year. And right along with it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars getting rid of those same fluids once they were dirty, contaminated, and broken down. It’s been a vicious cycle, and one we can help you stop. 

All our representatives are trained to evaluate your company's unique situation, identify challenges with this ongoing fluid cycle, and offer customized solutions to help break it. We call this our Fluid Lifecycle Analysis - a consultative approach to reveal multiple savings opportunities related to your fluid usage, costs, and disposal. Our goal is to help you significantly reduce fluid usage and costs through ongoing analysis, planning, and optimization.

Fluid Lifecycle Analysis

The Fluid Lifecycle Analysis is the core of our relationship with customers. We begin by analyzing every step of your manufacturing process to discover where your fluid flows, helping us uncover inefficiencies and waste. Using these findings, we then provide recommendations that result in significant savings for your business. Our comprehensive report identifies specific areas of waste and outlines the savings you can realize. We then guide you through implementing our recommendations for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

We evaluate all areas of fluid use:

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    Mixing - Is your mixing consistent? Is it manual or automated? Could mixing be centralized?

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    Selection - Could a more capable fluid be used at a lighter ratio? Could a different fluid solve downstream issues?

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    Application - What is the current application system you have in place? Is there excess fluid on parts, machines, and floors?

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    Reclamation - Can waste fluid be reclaimed instead of being thrown away?

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    Management - Are processes in place to continually identify fluid waste?

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    Training - Does your continuous improvement training address fluid reduction?

Our engineers assess your processes, equipment, waste streams, and more. We look for savings opportunities around:


Fluid mixing, selection, application, and reclamation


Areas of overuse, quality issues, or excess waste


Equipment upgrades or revisions needed

With decades of experience, we make implementing reductions seamless. We identify high-impact areas to prioritize and our experts ensure your team has the training and support needed for new optimized processes. You can be confident that you are maximizing the benefits of cost savings, a safer work environment, and a more sustainable manufacturing process.

Fluid Management Planning

Our approach helps reduce your fluid usage by 50-90%, significantly lowering fluid costs and related expenses. While short-term savings are beneficial, we believe that helping our customers reduce costs in the long run is the best way to do business. This is where our “Continuous Fluid Reduction” process comes into play. Our long-term solution includes:

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    Quarterly/biannual reviews to ensure optimization

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    On-site testing for concentration and condition

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    Lab testing for thorough analysis

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    Ongoing staff training as processes change

Continuous Optimization

As part of our commitment to savings, we know that our representatives are not at your facility every day. For a truly successful fluid reduction plan to work, we will typically work with a “champion” within your organization. This individual has the same commitment to savings along with the authority to get others within the organization to commit and stick to the plan.

Together, we develop a customized fluid reduction plan that includes:

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    Implementing more efficient fluid processes

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    Upgrading equipment or revising existing systems

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    Selecting optimal fluids

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    Establishing reclamation systems

We provide oversight to ensure smooth implementation and lasting results. Our commitment to ongoing training and reviews keeps your fluid usage optimized as your operations evolve.

With Impact Fluids as your partner, you get comprehensive consulting to significantly reduce fluid waste and costs. Our collaborative approach will help your business not only optimize your manufacturing process in the short term, but it will also lead to lasting improvements. Contact us today to get started on optimizing your fluid management.