OLD Fluid Management

The Impact Fluids approach to savings will help your company reduce fluid usage by as much as 50%-90%. This will significantly reduce the actual dollars you spend on fluids, and it will also reduce the costs in many other areas that are associated with or touch fluids. Overall, our ability to show you ways to save is extensive.

This commitment to fluids and cost savings does not stop here. We have an extremely high customer retention rate because we stay focused on savings for the life of our relationship. Our ongoing service includes quarterly or biannual Fluid Lifecycle reviews to make sure the equipment, fluids and procedures continue to work the way they were intended. We call it “Continuous Fluid Reduction” because we know that continually helping you keep your fluid usage in check will keep you as a happy customer for life.

Three elements of our fluid management include:

  • Regular reviews of how you are staying on your fluid reduction track
  • On-site testing of concentration and fluid condition for maximum fluid performance
  • Lab testing for more thorough analyses


As part of our commitment to savings, we know that our representatives are not at your facility every day. For a truly successful fluid reduction plan to work we typically work with a “champion” within your organization. This individual has the same commitment to savings along with the authority to get others within the organization to commit and stick to the plan.

Along with your “champion”, we provide on-going support to train your staff on the equipment, fluids, and procedures we establish to continually improve your operation. Today’s manufacturing environments are constantly changing and so are the people that are operating your presses and CNC’s. Our commitment to training keeps your fluid reduction plan on course through this ever-changing environment.

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