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Hangsterfer’s Labs

For over 50 years, Hangsterfer’s Laboratories developed, formulated, and manufactured high-quality metalworking fluids. Their robust product line includes emulsifiable oils, synthetics, semi-synthetics, straight-cutting oils, drawing compounds, EDM fluids, cleaners, and more.

Hangsterfer’s develops innovative chemistries to significantly improve machining and forming performance across the metalworking industry, with particular expertise in the fields of aerospace and medical manufacturing technology. Their fluids provide exceptional cooling, lubricity, and corrosion resistance when working with aluminum, steel, titanium, and exotic alloys. 

Unlike many in the industry, Hangsterfer's products meet the rigorous international standards to be REACH, RoHS, and SVHC compliant and are custom-formulated with their Next Generation® technology.

Machining, Grinding, and EDM Fluids

For machining and grinding applications, Hangsterfer's offers a wide selection of coolants and lubricants. Their microemulsions, synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids provide superior cooling, lubrication, and corrosion resistance.

Leading CNC machining and centerless grinding products include:

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    R-100 - Full synthetic transparent coolant

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    Crystal Cut 355 - Long-life synthetic machining fluid

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    S-5070 - Vegetable-based microemulsion

Hangsterfer’s also produces specially designed EDM fluids like AquaCut ED Magic F, which prevents arcing, pitting, and wire breakage.


Forming and Stamping Compounds

To meet demanding forming and stamping requirements, Hangsterfer's offers heavy-duty drawing compounds like Draw Magic F – which delivers excellent lubricity for difficult forming operations.

Their stamping lubricants improve the finish, prevent galling and scratches, and allow tight-tolerance parts. Hangsterfer's compounds are clean running and won't leave stubborn residues.

Elevate Your Operational Efficiency with Hangsterfer's and Impact Fluids