Who We Are: Industry Leaders for Metalworking Fluid Solutions

Impact Fluids is a merger of several fluid companies to bring their collective knowledge and expertise together as one entity to provide better service to our customers. As a leading metalworking fluid and equipment distributor, we combine decades of experience to help manufacturers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Our History of Service and Innovation

Before Impact Fluids was founded, we were a combination of three companies: Great Lakes Industrial Service (GLIS), Curtis Fluids (CF), and Advanced Metalworking Solutions (AMS). Each worked independently to provide fluids or equipment to the metalworking industry.

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Since the early 1960s, Curtis Fluids has created better products and processes for manufacturers. It continues to develop fluid products from synthetics to high-performance oil-based.

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For 30 years, Great Lakes Industrial Service provided Michigan's metalworking industry with fluids and coolants, while sharing knowledge on application and filtration to maximize efficiency.

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Since 2008, Advanced Metalworking Solutions has been a results-driven manufacturer's representative agency bringing sales opportunities to principals in the Midwest.

Combining Our Strengths as Impact Fluids

As Impact Fluids, we combine our strengths as a new kind of distributor. Our focus is to help customers:

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Reduce environmental impact through proper fluid selection, mixing, and filtration.


Improve bottom lines by optimizing fluid use, equipment, and expert consultation.

With decades of collective experience, we provide both products and services to maximize efficiency for metalworking operations. Our capabilities include:

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    High-performance fluids tailored to specific applications

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    Filtration systems to remove contaminants and recycle fluids

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    Equipment including mixing systems, roller and spray application equipment, and filtration systems

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    Ongoing analysis and monitoring for optimized fluid performance

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    Expert consultation to reduce ancillary costs related to fluids

Make the Switch Today

Studies reveal that once a barrel of fluid goes through a facility, its total lifecycle cost can be 8-15 times the original purchase price. This includes activities like mixing, transferring, removing excess fluid, washing solutions, and waste handling.

For over 30 years, we've provided metalworking fluids and equipment to mix, apply, and filter them. In that time, we've developed products, relationships, and analysis capabilities that give us a unique ability to help customers reduce fluid usage and costs.

As an industry leader, Impact Fluids delivers complete solutions for your metalworking fluid needs. Contact us today to improve performance, reduce waste, and see how our systems can help your bottom line.