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Stamping fluids and coolants are a critical part of the metal forming and metal cutting industries. Though often considered a lower priority than the cost of materials, tooling, workers and machinery; fluids have become a critical component of a successfully run metal working environment.

Today, fluids make up more than 10% of the overall cost of a finished part. In addition to the initial cost of the fluid, there are other areas that add to the overall costs like waste removal, machine downtime for cleaning, part cleaning, and many others.

Using a high-quality fluid is important to a successful metalworking operation. It is one of the core Impact Fluids reduction areas as are mixing, delivery, application, and fluid management. Using a fluid that is properly designed for the application can keep the cost and waste to a minimum by allowing greater dilution of the concentrate. Our fluid manufacturers meet the high standards we demand on behalf of our customers to enable the best ROI and fluid reduction.