Roller Systems

Maximizing Efficiency Does Your Metalworking Facility Have the Proper Fluid Mixing and Application Systems in Place

An alternative method to spraying metalworking fluids (see spray systems), rolling coaters, has been gaining traction. Today's roller coaters are computer-controlled to dispense the correct amount of lubricant to the surface of the roll where it is then transferred to the coil stock. Manifolds that feed the lubricant to the rolls can be shut off and on to cover precise areas of the coil stock as well as top or bottom-only lubrication.

Similar to misting, roller coaters apply a small volume of fluid in very controlled at low flow rates. Conversely to misting, because the fluid is transferred to the metal coil as a coating, there is very little fluid dispersed into the air to 'fog' the work area.

The application of fluid can be the most wasteful part of the fluid lifecycle. In stamping, the Unist Uni-Roller system with SmartFlow technology has an unmatched capability to apply a consistent, uniform amount of fluid on the top AND BOTTOM of the stock ONLY. The Unist system can save as much as 50% to 90% in fluid usage compared to externally applied rollers and airless spray systems, which tend to apply more because they are not nearly as uniform.