It’s Time to Reevaluate Your Metalworking Fluid Supplier

November 3rd, 2023 by Nicole Kelly

Reevaluate Your Metalworking Fluid Supplier At Impact Fluids, we know that metalworking fluids are critical to our customers’ success. The right fluids optimize machining and stamping performance and quality, while the wrong fluids lead to inefficiency, downtime, and waste. As your fluid supplier, we take this responsibility seriously.

That’s why Impact Fluids partners with leading brands like Curtis, Fortech, and Hangsterfer’s to provide an unmatched selection of high-performance metalworking fluids. But we go beyond just supplying products – our tailored solutions and dedication to service make us the premier fluid supplier our customers can rely on.

The Fluids You Need – Guaranteed

Through dedicated partnerships with Curtis, Fortech, and Hangsterfer’s, at Impact Fluids, we guarantee an unmatched selection of high-performance metalworking fluids available for every application. Our commitment means you won’t be left waiting; prolonged downtime due to delayed fluid deliveries is a thing of the past, ensuring consistent production timelines, reduced operational costs, and maintaining the momentum of your business operations. No matter your specific operational needs, we have the products to maximize your efficiency and quality, all while ensuring competitive pricing that offers unbeatable value for your investment. Let’s take a closer look at our fluid partners and how they can help your operation.

Curtis Fluids – Specialty Fluids for Machining and Stamping

Curtis Fluids, one of our key partners, offers over 50 years of innovation in metalworking fluid formulations. Their strong product line includes coolants, lubricants, and cleaners that deliver improved too life, better finishes, and cleaner parts for machining and stamping operations.

For machining applications, Curtis provides heavy-duty synthetics and semi-synthetics ideal for working with exotic alloys and tough metals like aluminum and titanium. Fluids like their S-1500 coolant optimize difficult jobs.

For stamping, Curtis offers specialty compounds like 660 – a versatile synthetic lubricant that enables severe forming across all metals. Their stamping fluids improve die life and part finishes.

Fortech Products – Stamping Fluids Optimized for Automotive

Fortech Products, another valued partner, specializes in high-performance stamping fluids that meet the most demanding automotive industry standards. Their fluids improve quality in difficult applications and carry approvals from major automotive manufacturers.

Fortech’s clean, heavy-duty drawing compounds provide the finish and lubrication needed for precision automotive stamping. Fluids like TechDraw FT 400 excel at complex forming jobs.

Hangsterfer’s Labs – Customized Fluids for Your Applications

Hangsterfer’s Labs, our trusted partner for over 25 years, creates customized metalworking fluid formulations tailored to each customer’s specific materials and processes. Their on-site experts tweak existing formulas or develop new ones aligned to your needs.

Hangsterfer’s offers a vast range of coolants, from synthetics like R-100 for grinding applications to vegetable-based fluids like S-5080. They also formulate drawing compounds and specialty lubricants for stamping operations.

Service and Solutions Beyond Your Fluids

At Impact Fluids, our dedication is more than just about supplying superior quality fluids. We are your partners in success, offering tailored solutions and services that prioritize your goals. 

Our expert teams not only assess your operations and analyze your fluid usage lifecycle, but they’re also ever-present to guide you every step of the way. From identifying optimization opportunities to providing targeted recommendations, supplying state-of-the-art equipment, and assisting with implementing best practices, we’re there for you. Rest assured, you’re never alone in this journey; whether it’s the need to implement solutions or integrate new products and machinery, we’re committed to ensuring you have all the support you need. We’re in it for the long haul, dedicated to driving sustainable results and ensuring you’re never left hanging.

Impact Fluids – Your Metalworking Fluid Supplier

With industry-leading brands, products, expertise, and dedication to service, Impact Fluids is the premier metalworking fluid supplier. Partner with us to optimize your operations through advanced fluids, equipment, training, and management solutions tailored to your needs.

We’re ready to help take your machining and stamping processes to the next level through complete fluid management. Contact us today to learn more!