Navigating the World of Aerospace Manufacturing: The Essential Role of Process Fluids

Precision and Sustainability with Hangsterfer’s and Impact Fluids 

Aerospace manufacturing is a meticulous process where every component must adhere to strict performance and safety specifications. Specialized process fluids play a pivotal role in ensuring the high quality and reliability demanded by this industry. Essential for tool life, lubrication, and rust prevention, process fluids are vital in enhancing the efficiency and precision of the manufacturing process. They also play a role in extending the lifespan and maintaining the integrity of machinery and tooling.

Impact Fluids is committed to offering a range of process fluids that cater to the complex and dynamic needs of the aerospace sector. Our decades-long relationship with Hangsterfers Laboratories allows us to provide aerospace-approved fluids to ease the decision-making of which fluid meets the industry’s rigorous standards. Additionally, we create customized fluid solutions to ensure operational efficiency without compromising quality. Our expertise and collaboration with top suppliers like Hangsterfer’s allow us to provide innovative and quality-driven solutions in aerospace manufacturing.

Emerging Trends in the Aerospace Industry: New Materials and Sustainability

The aerospace industry is experiencing significant changes driven by new materials and a commitment to sustainability. These changes are highlighted by advanced composites and superalloys transforming aircraft design thanks to their exceptional strength and ability to handle heat. These innovative materials make aircrafts more fuel-efficient and improve overall performance.

Fluids play a crucial role in working with these new materials. For example, when manufacturing with advanced composites, the fluids must provide effective lubrication and cooling without damaging the material. For superalloys, the fluids need to handle high temperatures and prevent corrosion. Choosing the proper process fluids is essential to make the most of these advanced materials and maintain their unique benefits.

A green supply chain is another future trend in aerospace sustainability, emphasizing sustainable sourcing and logistics practices. As the industry moves towards environmentally friendly practices, the type of process fluids used is also changing. There’s a growing need for fluids that are both effective and environmentally sustainable. This includes biodegradable options, produces fewer emissions, and can be recycled easily.  Selecting the right process fluids is critical in harnessing the advantages of new aerospace materials and meeting the industry’s sustainability goals.

Impact Fluids’ Customized Approach and Fluid Reduction Strategies

In response to these emerging trends, Impact Fluids takes a proactive approach with its customized fluid solutions and fluid reduction strategies. Recognizing that one-size-fits-all solutions are inadequate for modern aerospace manufacturing’s varied and specific needs, Impact Fluids specializes in supplying aerospace-approved products and creating tailor-made fluid alternatives when necessary. This approach ensures optimal performance and tool life for each unique application.

Furthermore, Impact Fluids is dedicated to reducing fluid waste and enhancing environmental sustainability. Formulating fluids for each application minimizes the amount of fluid used, leading to significant reductions in waste and environmental impact. This aligns with the industry’s sustainability goals and proves economically beneficial, cutting costs associated with fluid purchase and disposal.

The Role of Process Fluids in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is one where precision, reliability, and safety are not just desired but absolute necessities. This sector demands high accuracy and durability, given that the products manufactured – aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles – operate in some of the most extreme and unforgiving environments imaginable. The choice and application of process fluids become critical to the success and safety of the manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process, fluids are involved in a variety of essential tasks:

  • Coolants & Lubricants: Essential for controlling temperature and lubricating the tool/part interface in machining and metalworking processes, lubricants and coolants help maintain the integrity of the metal being worked on. This cooling effect ensures that components retain their precise dimensions and tolerances, vital for aerospace parts where even the slightest deviation can lead to failure. The S-500 CF series from Hangsterfer’s exemplifies this, renowned for its advanced cooling properties and lubrication while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Corrosion inhibitors protect aerospace components from environmental damage and corrosion, particularly during storage and transportation. Hangsterfer’s products in this category offer robust protection, enhancing the longevity and reliability of aerospace components in various applications.

Each product from Hangsterfer’s, available through Impact Fluids, is designed with the unique challenges of aerospace manufacturing in mind, ensuring that every fluid meets and exceeds industry standards for quality, performance, and environmental compliance.

The importance of selecting the right process fluids in aerospace manufacturing cannot be overstated. Quality products like those from Hangsterfer’s, combined with the tailored solutions provided by Impact Fluids, create an unmatched synergy for the aerospace industry. This combination ensures innovation, efficiency, and quality – essential elements in a field where every detail matters.

Experience how our commitment to quality and customized approach can significantly enhance your aerospace manufacturing processes. Contact us and take the first step towards more efficient, innovative, and high-quality manufacturing.

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