The Best Fluid For Your Metalworking Application

At Impact Fluids, we understand the critical role that metalworking fluids play in the efficiency and success of your operations. With our comprehensive range of specialized fluids, we’re committed to delivering solutions tailored to your specific metalworking processes. Through our partnerships with industry leaders Curtis Fluids, Fortech Fluids, and Hangsterfer’s Labs, we ensure that you have access to the best products to meet the demands of your applications.

Fluids for Machining Applications

When precision and performance are non-negotiable in machining applications, the right fluids make all the difference. Skilled manufacturers understand that the choice of fluid directly influences the efficiency and quality of the machining output. High-performance coolants, characterized by features like extreme pressure additives, are indispensable for reducing friction and wear, enhancing tool life, and achieving a superior surface finish on the final product.

These coolants are formulated with properties that effectively manage heat buildup, are crucial for maintaining dimensional accuracy, and exhibit excellent thermal conductivity for optimal temperature control. Additionally, they offer corrosion resistance to protect the finished piece and machinery and incorporate properties to hinder bacterial growth and chemical stability, ensuring consistent performance across various machinery types. These combined characteristics are essential not only for improving the quality of work but also for prolonging the life of the coolant itself.

Application Fluid Result
Aluminum & Exotic Metals Curtis Fluids CE-200 An advanced semi-synthetic formulation that ensures clean cuts and prolonged tool life.
General Machining – Ferrous Metals Curtis Fluids S-8030 An oil-rejecting synthetic solution that minimizes maintenance and corrosion.
General Machining – Eco-Friendly Operation Hangstererfer’s, including S-5080 An eco-friendly micro-emulsion for an environmentally conscious yet high-performance operation.
Extreme Pressure Technology Hangsterfer’s Labs S-425 Coolant A semi-synthetic, chlorine-free coolant for operations that require extreme pressure technology and long-lasting performance.
Compatibility Across Machines Hangsterfer’s Labs Emulsifiable Oils S-500 Series Deliver compatibility with various machine tool components, ensuring non-toxic, non-irritating, and corrosion-resistant operation.


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Each of these fluids is engineered to meet the specific demands of varied machining tasks, providing consistent results and durability.

Fluids for Stamping Applications

Stamping operations require lubricants that can endure the stress of deformation while protecting both the tooling and the workpiece. Galling of stamped parts, a common issue, can lead to defects in stamped parts and damage to tools. Fluids with superior lubrication properties address this by minimizing galling, resulting in cleaner stamping and prolonged tool life. Equally important is the surface finish quality of stamped products. Fluids that create a protective film reduce imperfections. Lastly, the continuous operation of stamping can significantly wear down dies, affecting both productivity and maintenance costs. Our high-performance stamping fluids overcome this by providing thorough lubrication to minimize friction-induced wear. An essential aspect of these fluids is their ability to form a protective layer between the tool and the workpiece, preventing material adhesion and surface flaws, thus contributing to consistently high-quality parts.

Application Fluid Result
Severe Stamping Applications Curtis Fluids 660 Lubricant A non-chlorinated, water-soluble solution that ensures exceptional protection against rust.
Forming Applications Curtis Fluids Synthetic Fluid 622 Adapts to different severity levels easily, supporting a wide range of stamping activities.
Drawing and Forming Applications Fortech Fluids Tech Draw Series Designed for optimal surface preparation in subsequent drawing and forming operations, ensuring versatility and a high-quality finish.


Fluids for Cleaning Applications

Maintaining the cleanliness of your machinery, parts and flooring is critical for operational efficiency.

In industrial maintenance, cleaning fluids are essential for removing stubborn residues without damaging surfaces or harming the environment. The ideal cleaning fluid combines strong degreasing power with a non-corrosive formula, ensuring machinery cleanliness and longevity while being eco-friendly.

Application Fluids Result
Oils & Coolants Curtis Fluids HD-100 Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser Tackles organic contaminants like oils and coolants to keep machines in top condition.
Floor & Hard Surface Cleaning Curtis Fluids Extreme Clean Provides an aqueous solution that deals with the toughest oils and greases, ensuring a safe and clean work environment.

Partner with Impact Fluids for Your Best Fluid

Choosing the right fluid is a decision that affects the quality, efficiency, and cost of your metalworking operations. Impact Fluids specializes in tailoring fluid solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs and applications. We understand that one-size-fits-all approaches often fall short of addressing specific operational requirements. By customizing our fluid solutions, we enable you to use the right amount of high-quality fluid specifically designed to increase operational efficiency and decrease costs. This ensures that you receive a fluid solution that perfectly aligns with your unique operational needs, helping to streamline your processes and achieve optimal performance.

With Impact Fluids, you leverage not just products but three decades of expertise and a commitment to your success. Our partnerships with Curtis Fluids, Fortech Products, and Hangsterfer’s Labs enable us to offer a diverse portfolio tailored to your unique needs. We’re here to guide you to the fluid solutions to drive your processes forward. Contact Impact Fluids today to enhance your metalworking with the perfect fluid solutions.

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