How Overuse of Metalworking Fluids Could Be Affecting Your Bottom Line

September 12th, 2023 by Nicole Kelly

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The metal-forming industry is no stranger to the importance of metalworking fluids in the production process. They help improve the forming process, extend tool life, and ensure a high-quality part. However, overusing these fluids can have a damaging impact on your bottom line, and this fact is often overlooked. By not monitoring and optimizing fluid usage, manufacturers might unwittingly face operational inefficiencies, high costs, and worker health concerns. At Impact Fluids, we believe in our unique Fluid Lifecycle Analysis approach, which zeroes in on these issues, helping customers streamline their operations and minimize unnecessary expenses.

The True Cost of Overusing Metalworking Fluids

The importance of metalworking fluids is undeniable in the pursuit of efficient and high-quality metal-forming operations. However, while their role is critical, their overuse can lead to unforeseen challenges and hidden costs that can take a toll on a company’s profitability. Some of these less-discussed consequences that emerge include:

Downtime for Cleanup: Overusing fluids can result in messy floors, full press pits, and oversaturated finished parts. Cleaning up takes time, halting production and increasing downtime. These unplanned stoppages can quickly accumulate and result in significant losses in productivity. Additionally, employees diverted to manage cleanups are unavailable for core production activities.

Inconsistent Mix Ratio: Improper mixing of metalworking fluids can lead to inconsistencies in fluid ratios. This inconsistency affects the quality of the parts formed, leading to tool wear and potential damage. In a scenario where production is paramount, even small inconsistencies can compromise the quality of the finished product.

High Scrap Rates: Improper fluid application directly correlates with increased scrap rates. Too much or too little fluid can cause defects, requiring rework or even complete disposal of the end product. Scrapping products not only means wasted materials but also the lost time and effort that went into producing them.

Worker Safety and Health: Overuse of fluids can create slippery surfaces, increasing the risk of workplace accidents. Moreover, prolonged exposure to improperly mixed metalworking fluids can result in health issues for workers, from skin irritations to more severe respiratory concerns. This not only impacts morale but could also lead to potential medical expenses and loss of valuable skilled labor.

Impact Fluids: A Proactive Solution to Fluid Overuse

Understanding the difficulties of fluid usage in metal forming operations is essential, and that’s where our one-of-a-kind approach comes into play. We enable our customers to reduce the impact of metalworking fluids on their operations and work environment. Our proactive approach to fluid reduction is unparalleled in the stamping and machining industry.

Through our Fluid Lifecycle Analysis, we don’t just sell fluids; we offer a tailored solution. We assess the complete lifecycle of your fluid usage, from mixing to disposal, and identify areas of improvement. Our findings guide you to optimize fluid usage, ensuring consistency, reducing waste, and promoting a healthier work environment. (Read more from our blog here)

At Impact Fluids, we believe providing a holistic approach to fluid management, rather than simply selling fluids, is of the utmost importance. We are redefining the traditional understanding of metalworking fluids by combining quality products with a unique and proven strategy.

Metal forming and machining industries are always on the lookout for ways to optimize processes and improve the bottom line. Re-evaluating fluid usage is an avenue that can yield significant benefits. With Impact Fluids, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in an optimized, sustainable, and efficient future for your operations.

Take control of your fluid usage and discover how our Fluid Lifecycle Analysis can revolutionize your approach. Let’s redefine metal forming together. Contact us today!