Automotive Supplier Reduces Costs by 60%

A multi-national, tier-one automotive supplier was having issues with staining from their fluid that led to their powder coating not adhering to the part. This caused the supplier to wash every part prior to the powder coating process. Our experts performed an analysis of their process and identified two problems: there was excess fluid on the parts and the fluid itself was prone to metal reactivity.

Impact Fluids worked with their staff to reduce the amount of fluid they applied to their parts by installing precision sprays systems. These systems saved 30% in fluid usage. Additionally, we introduced a new fluid that is non-reactive with metals, easier to wash, and much more capable than their existing fluid. With the new fluid, we were able to reduce the water/concentrate ratio from 4 /1 to 7 /1, which is over 40%.

The hard cost savings by applying less fluid and reducing the concentration of a better fluid were nearly 60%. Additional savings were made by the elimination of having to clean each part, part checking and scrap parts. These additional savings can be as much or more than the fluid savings itself.

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