Making An Impact in the Manufacturing Industry

clean press roller systemIn honor of National Manufacturing Day on October 6th, we celebrate the vital role of the manufacturing industry in building our nation. As a leader in metalworking fluid management for over 30 years, Impact Fluids knows firsthand how investing in domestic manufacturing drives America’s growth.

Founded in 2008 through a merger of several metalworking fluid companies, Impact Fluids was created to optimize fluid usage and reduce waste using our unique Fluid Lifecycle Analysis approach. By assessing the complete lifecycle of fluid management, from mixing to disposal, we identify targeted improvements to help manufacturers operate more efficiently, sustainably, and profitably.

The Benefits We Offer Customers

With decades of experience, we partner with metalworking companies to:

  • Conduct Fluid Audits: Our fluid audits can lower consumption by 50% or more, reducing purchasing and disposal costs.
  • Provide Coolant Reclamation Systems: We provide onsite reclamation systems that enable customers to recycle used coolants repeatedly for reuse, avoiding disposal fees.
  • Provide Training and Assistance: We provide training and assistance to keep customers’ fluid reduction systems running at peak performance, preventing downtime.
  • Boost Sustainability: Our services reduce waste, energy, and material usage, supporting environmental goals.
  • Enhance Training: We train staff on proper fluid procedures and provide ongoing support.

Investing in American Manufacturing

On this National Manufacturing Day, we applaud the contributions of American manufacturers who work to drive our nation’s growth. The innovation and dedication of US manufacturing companies have built the backbone of our economy. 

We take pride in supporting this critical manufacturing sector. By providing metalworking facilities the tools and expertise to thrive, we hope to empower them to reduce costs, minimize waste, and operate sustainably. Our tailored solutions and hands-on guidance deliver measurable results, giving manufacturers access to the latest fluid management technology and practices to maximize efficiency and future-proof operations while maintaining profitability.

Let’s continue to invest in American manufacturing and develop innovations that will shape the future. Contact Impact Fluids today to learn how our Fluid Lifecycle Analysis can optimize your operations for long-term success.

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