Improper fluid usage is
killing your bottom line

But Impact Fluids Can Help Change That.

A Proven Process for a More Effective Operation

At Impact Fluids, we have spent years developing a process to diagnose and resolve operational issues related to improper fluid selection and management in stamping operations. Not only do we identify what needs to be fixed to cut costs, increase worker safety, and improve your environmental footprint, but we also offer expert solutions. Here’s how it works:

We’ll get to know your operation and evaluate:


50% - 75%

In Fluid Usage
& Related Costs


Fluid Selection

Are you using the right fluids for your application?


Fluid Mixing, Application, and Reclamation

Do you have proper mixing ratios, application methods, and reclamation systems in place?


Fluid Management

Are there areas of overuse, quality issues, or excess waste?

50% - 75%

In Fluid Usage
& Related Costs

All the Solutions You Need, All in One Place

No matter what your operation needs to thrive, we’ve got you covered. 

Custom Fluids from Top Suppliers

Custom Fluids from the Top Suppliers


Industry Leading Fluid Equipment

Stop Letting Poor Fluid Management
Destroy Your Tools and Bottom Line