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What We Do

If you are like most manufacturing environments, you’ve been buying hundreds or thousands of gallons of lubricants, coolants or cleaners to run your shop every year. And right along with it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars getting rid of those same fluids once they were dirty, contaminated and broken down. It’s been a vicious cycle, and one we can help you stop.

Unlike most fluids suppliers who just take your order, we rarely talk about ordering fluids when we first meet you. Instead, we want to:

  • Analyze your entire operation with you.
  • Find out what equipment and processes you rely on.
  • Determine areas where overuse of fluids is affecting the bottom line (people issues like downtime for cleanup, quality issues like inconsistent mix ratio or production issues like high scrap rate from improper fluid application.)
  • Report on what we find and show you potential areas of savings and improvements.
  • Then, we can talk about the fluids you need. Up to 80% less than the old way.

All Impact Fluids representatives are well trained to evaluate your company’s unique situation and to identify your specific challenges and offer solutions. We call it the Fluid Lifecycle Analysis. It is a consultative approach to show multiple areas of potential savings.