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Automotive Supplier Saves $82K Annually

A Tier One automotive supplier was spending $115,000 annually to provide lubricant to two transfer presses in one area of its shop.

The recommendation was to replace the spraying systems on those two presses with roller coaters, to eliminate overspray. Calculating the return on investment, in addition to reducing overall lubricant consumption, we also carefully evaluated the added costs for floor cleaner, rags, etc., and were able to show management that it could cost-justify the new lube systems in less than a year.

Specifically, detailing the potential cost savings, the roller coaters were estimated to have directly reduced lubricant consumption by $29,000/yr.; reduced waste-hauling costs by $19,000; cut floor-cleaner consumption in half (saving another $1,500/yr.); and even reduced costs for rags and gloves by another $1,250. Total tangible savings: $82,000 for both presses.